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Some Starches can be as bad as putting sugar into your diet.  Some foods are high in sugars and starches, which can cause the blood glucose to rise because they digest too guickly.  Processed Foods are the worest kind.  They contain starches that are broken down into sugar very rapidly.  But not all starches are bad! 
According to research, there are starches in the natural foods, that are not processed foods, are digested slower, longer, and doesn't digest in the small intestine.  These starches are called Resistant Starches.  These starches are very good for the colon and the body.  Grains such as wheat, oat, rice, barley, corn, beans, and potato have resistant starch until they are processed by grinding, rolling, flaking, puffing, and beating to make breads, crackers, pasta, biscuits, pie crust, cereal, cookies and cakies, which contain starches that turn into sugar.  This causes a higher glycemic index in the blood. 
Amylose is a kind of starch that is found in long grain rice and is broken down very slowly than that of a smaller grain of rice.  It is found that some pastas when cooked, slightly firm, digested more slowly because the starch molecules are tightly packed.  
Lentils and Whole Beans are the best starchy foods.  The dry to be cooked is better than canned beans.  Grains such as brown rice, barley, amaranth, or quinoa that are whole and intact when cooked are the best.  Avoid foods that are made from processed flour.  Choose those with less starch and more fiber.  Avoid cereals with little or no fiber and high in sugar.  All-Bran cereals with extra fiber are best and will help you Balance Health better!

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